PT. Natural Nusantara (NASA) is a company located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Standing on 1 October 2002, PT. Natural Nusantara has a name from two words, namely NATURAL which means prioritizing technology natural & eco-friendlyPT Natural Nusantara (NASA) dug out of the culture of traditional medicine for generations are increasingly unknown, but now hadirlah traditional herbal products that have been proven to be effective real perceived by the woman with the name "CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA"Feminine problems can lead to serious family problems. Such as complaints of one mother of Gorontalo. 
Then the problem of femininity that is often experienced by women is vaginal discharge. Whitish makes odor, very uncomfortable and make women insecure.Sometimes in various ways have been taken, but to no avail. "Many times going to the doctor whitish my wife had not healed," says Edison. Men from Yogyakarta is constantly trying to cure the problems suffered by his wife.However, currently there is "ammunition" that can help overcome the problems of women and avoid serious family problems. 
NATURAL CRISTAL X, soon trademarks product names NASA's powerful.Health products cylindrical diameter of 1 cm length of 6 cm is made of "natural mineral". This natural minerals have anti-septic function kill germs, fungi and bacteria that cause vaginal discharge.This mineral also serves to remove the dirt on the walls of the vagina, preventing the growth of cancer virus, eliminating odor and neutralize the pH.Antiseptic function is still reinforced with antiseptic substances contained in the "Betel leaf" that has been known since the days of our ancestors for feminine care. 
But unlike betel extract that kills "good bacteria", such as Lactobacillus bacteria. NATURAL NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTARA keep life good bacteria, so that the balance of the ecosystem in the female organs is maintained.Then added "seaweed extract" to provide nutrients to the skin layer so that the vagina epital softer and more sensitive. No less important anymore "Oil viniel" which serves to flex and tighten the vagina.Effect given NATURAL NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTARA fairly quickly. 
This product can quickly cleaning the crust and filth in the lining of the vagina. "Two days wear, crusts in the lining of the female me out," said Mrs. Ira from Takalar South Sulawesi.Edison that his wife had also proved greatness whiteness X ORIGINAL NATURAL CRYSTAL NUSANTARA. 
After two days of usage already seen hasilnya.Masalah Offensive odor can be eliminated quickly. Marisa initially had problems itching and odor on kewanitaanya organ. "After I wear  CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA for one week, I feel more comfortable and clean" the mother said from Jakarta.Use of Natural Crystal-X can enable and bend back lining of the vagina. Umi who experienced menstruation is not smooth and feels pain when sexual intercourse has membuktikanya.
 "A week after the use of my femininity Crystal X membranes more supple, more legit, the aroma becomes more palatable, Datang Bulan me so smoothly again, and my husband satisfied and more creative as well if the marital relationship does not hurt anymore," said the mother from Yogyakarta.Complaints are less sensitive to stimuli can be overcome. 
"I used to chill with my husband now easily aroused by the husband," so the testimony of the mother Zamzunah of Bantul.Setelah I secretly wear CRYSTAL-X finally feel at home at home because my husband got me now "more narrow" and "pinching" the mother says This anonymity.In addition CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA can menyebuhkan irritation in the lining of the vagina. Cancers associated with reproductive organs can be prevented with regular use. 
The use of CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA in the long run no negative effect because the CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA designed to prevent disease and organ Its use on the outside so it does not affect the internal organs.Recommended daily user and 1-2 times after a bath. Usage is also recommended for 5-10 minutes before sexual relationships. 
BUT for women who are menstruating / menses and pregnancy NOT ALLOWED TO USE.For unmarried women do not have to worry. "Initially afraid to use Crysta-X, Because this product is devoted married," said Helga. "It turns out that just by soaking Crystal-X into the water about 2 minutes and is used to wash the female organs regularly, I suffered lost Whitish


Every woman young or adults are at risk for various diseases of the organs Miss-V. Of course you do not want to experience it. Maintain cleanliness of organ Miss-V alone is not enough. Because organ Miss-V is always covered and moist. For special parts of the body, there is no harm in keeping a special way too. With CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA you will definitely be satisfied with the results given.For health, especially organ Miss-V, surely you do not want to use the product Abal Abal high risk. The key you should carefully before buying. First identify our products, 
and distinguished from other products Abal Abal. In the packCRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA Original NUSANTARA there is a barcode that our production code.CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARAAL product NUSANTARA also already registered in institutions with no permission BPOM BPOM: POM NA 18111600004 and registration number, Reg. IDM000245253. 
To distinguish with the other asphalt products, product CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA we are double hologram. You will find a hologram IRU (which is an Indo Raya CV logo) and when you exfoliate logo will form the honeycomb. The second hologram at the end of the package only. Hologram NASA (PT. Natural Nusantara) became guarantors of authenticity 


Posts in this package are not embossed.You need to know that the NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTAR BPOM is formulated from plants and organic materials containing sulfur, antiseptic, oil Vinieill which will provide special nutrition. Well, you certainly curious about how to use it.For those of you who are not married, soak NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTARA into warm water for 2 minutes. 
Use the soaking water to wash the organ Miss-V in 2 times daily after bathing. And for those of you who are married, first wet the X ORIGINAL NATURAL CRYSTAL NUSANTARA with clean water. Then inserted into the vaginal cavity depth of approximately 4 cm.You only need to rotate the NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTAR in 10 counts, namely for 10 seconds. After the family CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA wash again with water and store it in its packaging again. Usage rules CRYSTAL-X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA used twice daily after bathing in the morning and the afternoon as well. CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA can be used for 2-3 months. 
You need to understand if X ORIGINAL NATURAL CRYSTAL NUSANTARA should not be used when you are menstruating and pregnant.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL ORIGINAL NUSANTARA FOR WOMEN WHO ARE ALREADY MARRIED Wet the NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTAR with clean water sufficiently deep and then enter 3-4 cm into the vaginal opening and rotated to the left or to the right about 10 seconds, then remove it slowly - slowly. Once removed, clean the ORIGINAL NATURAL CRYSTAL X NUSANTARA with clean water and wipe it dry using a clean, dry cloth, then put in a box CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA and stored in a dry place, and away from the sun so as not to detract from the quality products.


Product soak in warm water about 1-2 minutes. Then the soaking water is used to rinse the vagina to clean, or use other ways that sat soaking in the soaking water product NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTAR. From experience, this second way is more effective to treat, and address the problem in female organs. Then CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL First NUSANTARA wiped with a clean cloth to dry and stored in the original box, and away from places exposed to the sun so as not to detract from the quality.In addition, there are things that need to Mother and Sista know, this product is packed in a solid form, but may experience damage such as cracking, or rupture if exposed to heavy impact or falling. However, products that are cracked or broken it still can be used, Mother and cysts, but in a way different use.


Fractional or cracks of this product will be able to harm the vaginal wall if it is still used by inserting into the vaginal opening, therefore, CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL crack NUSANTARA is used as the instructions for use for women who married YET, namely NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTAR that cracked soaked in warm water 1-2 minutes, then use the soaking water to rinse the vagina. In this way, the use of NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NUSANTAR will be much safer.But for the Mother and sista who first put this product, please note that there will be effects are felt, but once again we emphasize that this is NOT a negative effect CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL use NUSANTARA, but the effects of the operation of the product, among others:

the painThe pain you can imagine the pain you would feel when the first use of moisturizing products. But the pain is not a negative effect, but only an adjustment of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL performance NUSANTARA against the surface of the vagina.2. blob of mucus discharge (white) of the vaginaOn the use of 1 or 2 day one, will appear as a white blob of tissue, which is a sign that the process of cleaning process gurah vagina or vaginal cavity dirty ongoing. So no need to worry, because it is not a negative effect.


After regular use you will feel the advantages of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL among others:

  • Heal irritations that occur around Miss V.
  • Kill germs and bacteria that can cause various diseases.
  • Descaling or dirt.
  • Eliminate odors.
  • Prevent and cure vaginal discharge.
  • Enabling make bending back of the vagina.
  • Add flavor and prevent the emergence sensitive cancers associated with a woman's reproductive organs.
  • Reduce and eliminate unpleasant aroma and itching in the vagina
  • To kill bacteria and germs around the vagina

CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA will give satisfactory results for you and your unmarried married. For those of you who are not married is a way to invest maintaining healthy organ Miss-V. CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA BPOM also provide satisfaction when dealing with your husband married.Guaranteed its results will be satisfactory for you and your husband. By using CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA  you mean also been doing Pap Smear herbal treatment is the prevention of cervical cancer. All women are particularly at risk of developing cancer of the cervix that can lead to death.


Has a new home tagga is the happiest time, both as a couple made a commitment to create a harmonious household ark. Many plans were made together at the beginning foster home, such as how many children to be in want. Children's is a gem that is not ternialai price, appropriate new family was definitely want to have children. So what if it turns out the baby's dream not forthcoming, consider the following story.Pregnancy is the convergence process seperma and egg in the uterus, to assist the process of pregnancy certainly support facilities must memadahi. As experienced mother kiky above, after taking CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA the dirt and the crust in the vaginal cavity loss, CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA also for vaginal discharge, meaning super fast toll road opened the meberi flexibility to seperma to approach the egg.


In the pack there is a publication code (serial number crystal x), where the publishing code has been designed such that it can not be removed using any tools, except by destroying the seal boxnya. Publishing codes of products useful to identify that the product is outstanding not to duplicate (double), allowing follow-up by the company if it is found that the same product but not a crystal x original. For more information about the crystal x original nasa mother or cysts In the crystal packing x, there is a round-shaped rainbow hologram that read "IRU" which will telerlihat observed when a different angle, with a curved line underneath.

In the crystal packing x, there is a rainbow hologram shaped box with inscription NASAIn the black box, there is a product registration number Reg. IDM000245253

The existence of the above explanation, the mother and the cyst is expected to be more careful - careful of fake crystal in the market. Make sure you only buy products CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL  of authorized distributors who can ensure the safety of its use. Similarly, the information that I can say, may be useful for those who want to try the benefits of crystal x for organ health of your most precious


PT. Natural Nusantara updating characteristic CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA to maintain authenticity. NATURAL CRYSTAL product CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA very popular in Indonesia in addition to affordable CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA very powerful and has proven to maintain and care for feminine area by any women.It becomes a separate opportunity for the evil person who is not responsible for counterfeiting CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA massively. 
According to PR PT. Natural Nusantara (NASA) even recorded around 28.000pcs CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL false NUSANTARA circulating in Indonesian society. Inin certainly very making of consumers and sellers confused which the original and the fake.In general, what makes consumers buy a lot fooled CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA false because due to the lure at a price much cheaper than NCRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA .
On this occasion will try to explain the difference CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA First and CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA False, hopefully what is described of us can help you avoidCRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA False. The following characteristics CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTAR.


CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA a specific health product for women, one of the products of sekiyan many products from PT. Natural Nusantara or more popular or have a designation of NASA. CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA natural herbs that are very useful in killing germs, harmful bacteria, viruses, eliminate odors on miss v and eliminate itching miss v. CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA of alloy materials are mixed among antiseptic substances of betel leaf mempuyai very important role to provide natural nutrients in epithelial tissues inside the cavity miss v, and vinieil substance extracted from the leaves of dragon scales were also very important role once to flex and tighten miss v.


In terms of the benefits of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA than to treat the female sex organs, CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA also very effective for killing bacteria, fungi and harmful bacteria that exist in the miss v. In addition CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA able to prevent and cure the many years kaputihan never healed even various kinds of treatment, effective to overcome the odor on miss v, Effective descaling and dirt on the membrane miss v. There are benefits CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA a terrible namely:

  • Can tighten vaginaOne thing that may not again become a virgin again, but re-tighten a loose vagina and becomes a doormat again a thing possible. CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA able to tighten the vagina that has a loose back and become a doormat again, use CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA regularly and feel the benefits.
  • Can increase the sensitivity of stimulation in womenLess sensitive to stimulation will reduce pleasure during sexual intercourse, CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA can revive and increase stimulation in women so that adds pleasure during sexual relationships. So as to add to your family harmony.
  • Can Treat and Prevent datanganya WhitishNot a few women who are complaining-complaining about vaginal discharge, because of excessive itching, smarting sometimes very sore, emit odors make no confidence during activity. Use the CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA regularly to treat vaginal discharge and maintain care for feminine area in order not to experience vaginal discharge.
  • It can kill bacteria and harmful fungiHumid conditions around the area of ​​femininity makes breeding germs and fungi. carefully with a damp conditions due to germs and fungi are carriers of various diseases cause one of them whitish. Use the CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA to kill bacteria and fungi, and can clean the feminine area.
  • Can Eliminate odors in membrane miss vBad odor in the membrane miss v ie there must be a cause of infection due to bacterial fungal microorganisms viruses and parasites that cause a very pungent odor. whiteness was sometimes also issued a very pungent smell as well, use the CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA regularly and this smell will disappear.
  • Can descaling dirt on membrane miss vTheir kotran crust around a miss v indicates less sensitivity of women in maintaining kewanitaanya area, so timbulah crust crust of dirt. Use the CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA to clean the dirt crust around the membrane miss v. Here below are described in detail regarding the benefits of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA and diseases that can be addressed using the product which you can read HERE How to use X ORIGINAL NATURAL CRYSTAL NUSANTARA True?When already know the benefits and efficacy of X ORIGINAL NATURAL CRYSTAL NUSANTARA who owned this product, but do not know how to use it will affect the maximum results in its use. The consumer should know how to use any CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARAcorrect order mandapatkan maximum results. Here's how - how to use the products of PT. This NASA:

For women who already have a familyIn the use of Crytal X for women who already had a family is easy in their occupational, things to do beforehand wet vagina using clean water, then wet Crytal X by using a clean water or water can soak into the net. Then inserted into the vagina reaches a depth of approximately 4 cm, remember CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA still in the grip is held tightly lest apart. After that rotate slowly 10 times (5 right and left 5), or it can be played in less than 10 seconds. Then remove and cleaned using clean water. Lab with a clean, dry cloth. Keep these products in a dry place.

For women who have not married or unmarried (virgin)CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA not only used for women who are married, but the woman who was a girl (virgin) can. How to use Crytal X for a woman who was a girl that is also very easy just by soaking Crytal X into water clean enough for about 2-3 minutes. Use the soaking water to wash / wash vagina. With such a simple way that there is no major risk for women who do not have a family or a woman who was a girl. For women who have families can use two ways to this if you do not want to use the first way.

Use CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA in the use of 1-2 times after a bath (used for maintenance).

For the treatment of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA can be used three times a day only.

For those who are married and want to have sex use CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA 5-10 minutes before and after sexual intercourse.


CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA broken due to falls very still useable, mepengengaruhi form will not change the substance and the efficacy of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA it. But do not put ya know .. because the broken ends become rough and slightly sharp, very risky when used directly inserted into the vagina which will hurt you miss v.

For those of you who used to use by entering the portion of approximately 4 cm CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA miss v NUSANTARA on, would not want to change the way users use that as CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA for a girl or a virgin. Cristal X into the soak water clean enough for about 2-3 minutes. Use the soaking water to wash / wash vagina little by little. With such a simple way that there is no major risk for women who have CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA broken due to falls.

The content contained on the CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA will narrow the vagina is loose, not only that but the vagina will clean, odorless, and strong. Effects of reaction CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA you certainly will satisfy your partner as well.Such an explanation from us about Side Effects After UsingCRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA, of course, Mother and Sista so very enthusiastic understand. 
To get the Positive Effect of the many benefits of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA, mother and cysts are expected to use the CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA Original from PT. NASA. Why should the original? because that is false is certainly not known for certain materials to produce and are not produced by the experts. So do not ever use counterfeit products because it is very dangerous to your health.
The next question is whether there are products CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA false? the answer is very present, even a lot. Given so many properties owned CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA so many millions of Indonesian women to use, so some manufacturers with kepandainya for profit by making CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA false NUSANTARA similar to the original product. Therefore it is necessary to know where to distinguish genuine and fake products. Pelu not worry, we tell it how to distinguish between genuine and fake products so that the mother and the cyst was not worried.

How to Recognize CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA Asphalt (Original But Fake) We hope mother and cyst really noticed characteristic CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA the asphalt, so do not be fooled considering this very influential with the health of your intimate organ. Here are the characteristics of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA false:


In order for the community, especially the womenfolk so tempted to buy products NUSANTARA NATURAL CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL false as the lure with a cheaper price that is below 200.000, especially with the lure of getting a massive discount cheaper. Be careful with this kind of deception mode, remember your Intimate Health Organ at stake here. Whereas according to the official rules in the PT. NASA has been assigned to the unit price of CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA to consumers for $ 200.000

The wild Distributor (Reseller deception)

CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA false NUSANTARA can be circulated through distributors - illegal distributors are not responsible for profit from the sale of products CRYSTAL X ORIGINAL NATURAL NUSANTARA false. Distributor wild can not show official ID Card output from PT. NASA, as well as can not provide the information, including biographical data, home address and contact phone number.

Usability and functionality of crystal x

Crystal X than can be used to treat vaginal discharge and odor in the miss v, is also useful also for treating cysts at a certain stage, the cyst itself is caused due to discharge are left and generally result in bad odor in the vagina. Therefore, the presence of crystal x can be used to prevent the occurrence of dangerous diseases such as cysts, myoma and the most dangerous is cervical cancer or cervical cancer is often called.If only to the extent that any benefit or usefulness of crystal x? Tentuya not, there are many uses or benefits we can get from this one product, it's just that sometimes it is not your priority, because not knowing the product is complete. 
Therefore, in order to obtain the benefit or usefulness obtained from crystal x optimally, let us refer to the discussion below.Basically, the problem is most often experienced by the female sex organs is whitish. What the whiteness it? Whitish is a disease due to vaginal discharge excessive. Whitish is a natural thing that is experienced by most women, but if it is inclined to abnormal vaginal discharge characteristics, it is important to be aware of. Whitish sometimes be the most difficult thing to be healed.But that does not mean vaginal discharge can not be cured, sometimes requires a relatively long time and also takes a panacea for overcoming whiteness itself. Hence it is that makes the women to search for drugs that are considered to overcome. 
Actually, many types of herbal remedies are offered to assist in overcoming whitish, but not all types of drugs can be overcome effectively. To overcome and also heal optimally whitish, Crystal X can be one right solution.Besides beneficial to overcome vaginal discharge, in general, Crystal X also has benefits in cleaning dirt or crust on the vagina, activate and bend back lining of the vagina, eradicate germs and bacteria on feminine area, as well as prevent the onset of various cancers dangerous on feminine area.

Crystal X is a natural product that is mixed from a variety of plants. Pembuataannya process meets the standards of ISO and continuous supervision BPOM. Crystal X product has been registered BPOM Indonesia. Crystal X is not a pain reliever related to the nervous system. It can be concluded that the Crystal X will not cause addiction. 
By Crystal X because it is very safe to use for women.Needs to be an important concern to not be tempted by low prices. The rise of counterfeit products today that will certainly harm consumers in general. instead of healing in the can, the pain even worse. Therefore, as a woman must be smart in deciding to choose a product to health at her female sex organs.As well as Crystal X, most people think that using Crystal X will impact harmful to women's health, especially in intimate organ. 
However, if the user is done the right way and according to existing procedures, the use of Crystal X would not be harmful to the health of the female sex organs. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to use Crystal X is good and safe so as not harmful to the female sex organs.If the use of crystal x which is not according to the rules, it will be bad for health miss v. Incorrect use will lead to new problems in the area of ​​femininity. 
The impact of the use of which is not really one of them is the fresh blood discharge from the miss v caused by friction between the wall hard with crystal v x miss that causes blisters miss v walls and lead to the release of fresh blood from the miss v.That is where the danger of crystal x if its use is not true, therefore it is highly recommended to use a crystal X with the correct and safe manner in accordance with existing procedures, so as not to result in things that are not desirable.

Crystal x to treat miss v

Vagina or the vagina is often referred to as a female reproductive organs are vital and also deserve special attention. Miss V region is an area that is sensitive to changes in humidity. Abnormal humidity can cause bacteria, fungi, and bacteria easily grow and trigger disorders of the reproductive organs. Therefore, before it's too late it is good we do more specialized care.

This treatment not only aims to pamper yourself, but also makes the vagina is clean and healthy, preventing vaginal discharge, itching and odor. Here are some ways or tips that can be done to keep the vagina in order to stay healthy.Use clean water to clean Miss V. Perform washing especially after urinating or large. Rinse the area Miss V from the front backward in order to avoid contamination of germs in the anus.

Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness in an intimate relationship with your husband. This is done to prevent infection through the reproductive tract. It is not advisable to have multiple partners because it will increase the likelihood of infection.

Note also miss the hair in the genital V. Hair that is too heavy makes the vagina becomes moist, it can lead to the emergence of odor and bacterial infections.When the menstrual period, replace the bandage if it has been used for 3-4 hours or if it is wet. Bandages also have to be replaced after a bowel movement, do this though it still looks clean bandage.Avoid underwear made of synthetic or polyester, for easy wet and takes a long time to dry. 
Use cotton underwear. Also avoid wearing tight pants, because it can make the skin hard to breathe so that the area becomes very moist vagina.Keep your immune system in general by eating nutritionally balanced meals. Do exercise regularly, and given multivitamin such as vitamin C 500 mg two times a day to increase the acidity secretion Miss V.Use Crystal X produced by PT. Natural Nusantara (NASA) to care for the health and youthfulness of Miss V and prevent disease in your reproductive organs. 

Crystal-X is a product that is formulated from natural ingredients of plant and organic matter that contains sulfur, Antiseptic, Oil Vinieill. The materials are compacted so that it can be used to clean up into the female reproductive organs. thus providing greater benefits than just cleaning the exterior only.Crystal-X was created specifically for women because women often experience problems with her female parts, such as the new bad, vaginal discharge, itching, infection of the female sex organs, and the most frightening for women is cervical cancer. This is due to the lack of women in protecting and maintaining the cleanliness of the intimate organs, vaginal discharge is also allowed the use of pads that contain dioxin.
Crystal-X already registered at BPOM with numbers IDM000245253 / NA 18,111,600,004, making it safe to use and no side effects. Crystal-X has a length of 6 cm in diameter and 1 cm with a smooth surface making it comfortable and safe to use because of its organic matter content will provide nutrients to the wall membrane miss

Key Benefits Crystal X

Herbal Antiseptic serves as capable of killing harmful bacteria, fungi, and make the feminine area is not suitable for growing virus.
Stimulate the muscles of the female organs, making more flexible and restores elasticity female organs so Rapet back like when the girl (note: not return a virgin).
Deal with complaints of odor on your female organs, making the self-confidence increases before the husband.
Very effective for preventing and treating chronic vaginal discharge though, thousands of testimonials prove the benefits of Crystal X For this whitish.
In the routine use of continuous cleaning of the female cavity foreign substances from the outside, as well as removing the crust and filth.
Able to restore sensitivity to stimuli, so that you would feel more pleasure during intercourse with her husband.

Extra Benefits Crystal X

  • Preventing cervical cancer, herb Crystal X makes your feminine area becomes sterile and make the virus is not able to thrive in it.
  • Cure irritation feminine area, overcoming irritation caused by infections and acne that often occurs due to the use of clothing that is too tight
  • To the irritation groin, for you are over weight often in the groin area irritations appear small spots of water, overcome with Crystal X.
  • For ambient, overcoming acute ambein using this product has proven efficacy, ambein lost and do not relapse-recurrence.
  • Assist the process of pregnancy, the female cavity dirty and crusty will cause seperma difficult to perform sacred journey to the egg, the female cavity crystal X will clean and can help smooth the process of fertilization. 

This one product is a best herbal products and provide abundant benefits. One herbal product choice is the choice of many women. By using this one product then you will be able to eliminate the odor problem in the female, the vagina is dirty, and so forth. This product is believed to be a solution that truly telling. Here are some special benefits from this one product and are obliged to know.

First, crystal x is a choice of products that have been officially registered in POM body to be able to provide the benefits and usefulness are very unusual for the body. Not only that, the choice of this one product will also ensure you to get the most recall these products using natural ingredients that are very good choice for the body. By using this one product then it is certain that the benefits will be you will get more and more. These products also have passed the clinical trials of several health centers in Indonesia that will give you a tremendous advantage. Do not be surprised if this one product is very popular and many fans.

Second, crystal x is a highly effective product choice because it is free of harmful chemicals. By using this one product then you will be protected from the harmful side effects. The use of herbal medicines that one also will guarantee you to find many significant benefits that would be what you get. Moreover, a product that is also very great potential in overcoming all kinds of health problems that you have up to akarnya.Sehingga you will be able to become healthier by using this product.

Third, the original crystal X will also make you more comfortable because it has been shown to help more than hundreds of thousands of women in Indonesia to address the health problems of femininity that dimilikinya.Tidak only that, a product that is also the best choice for those who want extraordinary gain from it. If you are a fan of x crystal products made from natural and nutritious it then do not hesitate to use the herbal products from now and get lots of incredible benefits of your body is. This product also has great benefits to make your body free of significant problems and dangers.

Fourth, crystal x also is a product that is much faster in delivering a nice effect compared to other product choices. No wonder then that the product will be able to appear more attractive when you use. Not to mention, it also has a large selection of quality products that are safe to use.Fifth, crystal x will promise you with a selection of the very best-selling products. Therefore, immediately buy a product that is from now on, before you run out of stock!

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